Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting It Right

Since the new school year started last August and I've been unemployed, I've had the unique opportunity to pay even closer attention to my neighborhood.

But you eagle eyed readers already knew that.

One thing I noticed is that there were no disaffected, baggy pants wearing youths wandering the neighborhood looking for a place to fire up their shitty domestically grown pot.

Curious, no?

I come to find out that Hyde Park Career Academy has a new ass kicking principal who shut down the open lunches that allowed the disaffected youths to freely roam.

And no, not all of the Hyde Park students are monumental pains in the ass.

As usual it's the small percentage of dumb asses that ruin it for everybody.

Plus the super swanky new McDonald's has banned students during school hours.

Nonetheless, I must give a resounding well done to Hyde Park's new principal and the Chicago Police Department. The officers and police cars that line Stony Island after school cut down on the usual foolishness from ocurring.

And because the usual foolishness has lessened, my quality of life has shot up.

Granted I don't have any income coming in but at least I don't have to deal with disrepectful brats.

Now if the new principal could find a way to address the student's behavior on the bus, he might be able to bring peace to the Middle East.

Good luck kind sir, you'll need it.

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