Monday, February 25, 2008


While on the bus today running errands, I noticed a young man with what appeared to be a natty looking bag.

Naturally I was confused.

When did the male urban hip-hop set start carrying murses?

Is this the latest thing? Is some rap star translating a “look” from the runway? Were Kayne and Diddy photographed with the latest carry all?

I had to know what this kid’s deal was.

Now I normally don’t have conversations with people I don’t know on the bus. To do so is to open up the door for crazy to walk right into your life.

But I had to know.

So I asked him if he had a carry all.

Unfortunately he stated that he was on his way to drop off what I thought was his murse. It turned out to be a soft sided train case that belonged to a lady friend.


I was so looking forward to seeing saggy pants wearing, corn rowed young men roaming the south side with teacup dogs.

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