Saturday, February 16, 2008

Legally Speaking

Boy oh boy do I get e-mails and comments.

While I read all of them, I rarely respond to individual requests or queries via the blog.

And by rarely I do really mean rarely.

But today is the day I diverge from standard operating procedure.


‘Cause if I get one more e-mail inquiring about reasonable and competent legal services, I’m gonna scream.

So kind readers, let me introduce you to John Elias, esq. lawyer extraordinaire.

John has represented me in two real estate transactions, is the lawyer for our condo association and is very experienced in the breath of condominium law in the state of Illinois.

And yes, he’s a personal friend.

Despite the fact I’ve know him for nearly ten years, I can honestly say this kid’s top drawer. Not only is he good but he also has a high work ethic.

Plus any lawyer who stayed with us during the foreclosures, liens and learning how to run our home as a business deserves a medal.

Child please.

So look to the left to find a link to his website.

If you tell him I referred you, your association will receive a free hour consultation.

Yes a free hour consultation----for your association, not you. So don’t go in there with a personal ax to grind. Remember, your unit is your home but the association is a business.

It wouldn’t hurt if you adhered to the following tips prior to making an appointment:

Make sure all of the members of your association board can be present

Have a copy of your declarations and bylaws at the meeting.

There is never a thing as too much paperwork. Executed contracts, turnover documentation and dates are extremely helpful.

If you feel this topic needs to be addressed, disclosure of your financial situation.

Prepare all of your questions and concerns prior to the meeting.

You’d be surprised at how quickly an hour can pass when you’re with a lawyer.

And no, I don’t know his hourly rate. He doesn’t ask me how much money I make (hint: That would be zero as I’m unemployed) and I don’t ask him how he runs his business.

I’m just saving you the trouble of asking.

But as with anything, please do your due diligence. Check (or ask) him about his education and credentials, how long he’s been practicing real estate law and any other thing that pops into your head.

Just because I’m giving him the thumbs up doesn’t mean you should follow me blindly.

‘Cause frankly speaking----isn’t that what got you all in your predicament in the first place?

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Redbone210 said...

YIPPY! I used to work in the same office with John. I worked for an unscrupulous loan officer who shared office space with John and Rod Wimberly – (another awesome attorney) a couple of years ago. John was a really nice guy but I lost his info. I’ll definitely look him up.