Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Neighborhood Watch

Sweet, sweet karma is starting to do the come up.

The rumor mill seems to think that Carlton Knight’s latest project at 32nd and Rhodes won’t legally start beginning construction anytime soon.

While he has all of his permits covered, he hasn’t broken ground.

The city has found out that he plans on commercially developing the property---ie: a for profit sale---if any construction activity commences, a cease and desist order will be slapped on the project.

As you should know by now, the city has a set of processes in place to monitor developers. The glaring loophole is that the city can’t possibly know if the developer is developing a commercial project unless he or she self identifies.

Or if eagle-eyed neighbors call the city.

Apparently they have kept the city abreast of any new developments.

At least that’s what I hear.

Good bless ‘em.

I can only assume that if Mr. Knight wanted to salvage the project, he’ll simply comply with the developer statutes laid down by the city.

Apply for a business license and fill out the paperwork for the developer registry---how hard is that?

Then of course he may have already done so.

Perhaps, he’s steeped in the middle of the process right now---who knows?

But I’ll tell you this, if anyone so much as takes a toy pail and shovel and moves a spoonful of earth, the shit is hitting the fan.

Big ups to the neighbors for watching over their ‘hood.

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