Thursday, May 08, 2008


Since I've been waitressing I've noticed that the more high handed and demanding the guest, the crappier the tip.

And in a seemingly unrelated issue, I saw my developer Carlton Knight in the McDonalds around the corner from my home. At one point we locked eyes and that rage that I used to feel whenever I saw him just wasn't there.

Now both incidents would of sent me into a lather cumulating in a post-a-polooza not too long ago but now---not so much.

Actually, I felt more pity than anger.

As I've plainly documented in the past, Mr. Knight is not the poster boy of responsible real estate development.

Seemingly money is his prime motivator, not producing a quality, safe condo unit.

As for our non-tipping friends, you've got to be missing something in your life if you live to treat the wait staff like your personal serfs and don't adequately pay them for the service they provide.

The upside is that I've lost 8 pounds with all of the running around that I do.

In both cases I've realized that I can be pissed all I want, but the behaviors won't change.

I can only change my reaction.

Now that doesn't mean I'll stop reporting on Mr. Knight's various new and existing real estate developments and legal issues or that I won't remember the faces of crappy tippers.

Oh don't think I won't remember them. Let's just say folks that you get what you pay for.

But it does mean that I won't spend an inordinate amount of time on people who don't give a flying fig about me.

This, ladies and gentlemen, might be a sign of maturity.

Who knew?

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