Sunday, April 27, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Lunch?

Guess which responsibility shirking, dishonorable, deadbeat former neighbor of mine came strolling into my waitressing job on Tuesday with his new wife and baby?

Maurice Cousin.

Hell, I couldn’t believe it so I had to do a double take.

He’s lost some weight so he has the glow of health; so much so that I almost didn’t recognize him.

But you can’t lose the stench of dishonest living---it tends to follow you and permeate your very being.

So he, the new missus and the tot stroll on in for a meal.

The deadbeat and I lock eyes.

After much decision making, the happy family finally settles on the outdoor patio enjoying the spate of wonderful weather we’ve been enjoying lately.

Unfortunately for them that also happened to be the day I was the only server working the entire restaurant for the lunch rush. And while I literally addressed every table in the order that they were seated, I apparently wasn’t moving quick enough.

Because by the time I got to the patio they were getting up.

I apologized for the wait and actually encouraged them to stay. I also told Maurice it was good to see him.

Despite my best---and might I add professional---efforts, they left.


I wonder if it was the wait or was it me me?

I wonder if she knows about his past fiscal irresponsibility.

I wonder if he’s ever settled that $31,000 dust up with his lawyers concerning his dissolution of his first marriage?

Unfortunately I had other tables to serve so my questions would have to wait.

Perhaps I'll see him again so I'll be able to ask.

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hellbent said...

The lawyers were discharged in the bankruptcy. Even lawyers get the shaft every once in awhile.