Friday, May 30, 2008

Well Damn

The grass across the street on the new parkway is growing in nicely.

Nonetheless weeds are everywhere amongst the new blades. And when I say weeds, I mean that there are just as many (or more) weeds than grass.

Don't get me started on the seeds that the trees are dropping.

Mt. Carmel's landscape crew cuts the parkway every week so it doesn't look like we live in a third world country.

With the presence of the weeds it doesn't exactly look like we live in a leafy suburb either.

But I find it somewhat ironic that Mt. Carmel is replacing the sod on their football practice field with permanent turf and those of us who live on the "other" side of the fence can't even get a bag of Scot's turf builder put down to prevent the weeds.

The parkways in front of the school on 64th Street are absolutely beautiful. They look like a lush living green carpet. Not a weed in sight.

'Cause being a good neighbor means that you're proactive.

Not treating your neighbors like they're an afterthought.

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