Monday, December 28, 2009


This is what happens when you're unemployed, have a ton of christmas ornaments and a hot glue gun.

Gardening and crafting?

I'm one cat away from a female middle age crisis.

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The North Coast said...

Those are beautiful wreaths. You've put your downtime to good use. Too bad it comes at such a price.

I'm familiar with the territory you are now entering, that of the female midlife "crisis", which is not really a crisis at all but the inevitable shift to the next stage of your life. It is all very new to you, which is why you view it as a crisis, instead of just a shift to a new stage of life.

Let me tell you that it's better on the other side. It is difficult to reconcile yourself to the fact that you will not realize every dream of your youth and that some things will always be "missing." You will find it easier to accept your own failings while at the same time you will discover talents and virtues you had no idea you possessed.

Better yet, the things that mattered so much in your youth will seem almost silly. You'll have other worries, and much larger ones, for a certainty. But that driving sense of urgency, the feeling that life is passing you by and that everything you have done to this point is somehow wrong, that most people get in their late thirties, will be gone. You'll discover pleasures and satisfactions that the youngins have no idea of, and better yet, you will discover that you have talents and virtues you had no idea that you possessed.

Even the SEX is better- much better! That's just possibly because you finally accept yourself and your man as you both are, and appreciate each other in a way youngsters are usually incapable of.

Maturity has a lot of rewards. Enjoy.