Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Never Ending Story

As usual, the trash on the north parkway continues to be a problem.

Why Mt. Carmel can't come up with a workable solution to this issue is beyond me.

It's kind of like knowing that it's going to snow every year yet not having a snow removal plan and salt at the ready.

So I composed and sent the following e-mail to the person in charge of "maintenance" at Mt. Carmel and cc'd my alderman and neighbors:

"It has been over two weeks since I've spoken to you about the trash on the north side of the 65th Street Parkway.

If Mt. Carmel has completed a clean up it was barely noticeable since I've been literally looking at the same bag of discarded trash for the past month. Now more trash has been added to the parkway.

I've been hearing for years how Mt. Carmel is committed to being a "good neighbor." If that's the case, why does there have to be constant reminders about picking up trash and shoveling and salting the parkway? This isn't the first discussion we've had about these topics and based on history, it won't be the last.

Even when the seasonal grounds crew cuts the grass, I've routinely seem them move trash on the parkway into the street and in some cases not pick up the trash at all.

It's difficult enough watching people use our neighborhood as their own personal trash can. My neighbors and I do the best we can to pick up on and around our property and to encourage the culture of not using the parkways, lawns and street as a garbage bag.

Why can't Mt. Carmel do their part without constant prodding? Is this how a "good neighbor" behaves?"

Since I'm confident that they are out for winter break we'll get to look at the crap across the street at least until the beginning of January.

If we're lucky.


The North Coast said...

Have you and your neighbors talked to your alderman about this? S/he should be able to pressure this institution to maintain its property and refrain from dumping.

You might want to start a petition, and a phone tree to call the alderman's office and 311 twice daily to complain. A constant harangue from many concerned people would help.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

The Alderman as well as our ward Streets and San person is aware of this issue. Moreover, I've copied my neighbors in on my email. I'm interested to see if any of them will e-mail Mt. Carmel when they see excessive trash on the parkway. I agree that our esteemed neighbors across the street need to hear from individuals other than myself. Time will tell.