Sunday, November 13, 2005

On The Up and Up

You're probably saying to yourself, "Woody what's this hoo ha over your finances that Mr. Developer is throwing down?"

Not too worry, you may have forgotten that I blogged about it here. Then of course you may be new to ihatemydeveloper so you may not have read back that far.

Trust me, when I formulate my response all if not most questions raised by my developer's innuendo will be addressed with fact not bitchiness. There are two sides to every story. Mr. Developer had an opportunity to refute my accusations with solid facts and to the best of my knowledge didn't do so.

I now will have the distinct pleasure of giving him a verbal beat down---professionally of course. The thought is just kinda exciting.

Normally I'd just cuss a motherfucker out but now on the cusp of my forties I've long realized that there is a better way.

Is this maturity?

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