Sunday, November 20, 2005

When It Rains, It Pours

One of my neighbors called this morning with some interesting news.

The owner of our third foreclosure had a reason for not wanting the process to be finalized a few weeks ago---he has a renter in the unit.

For clarification's sake and also because it's a matter of public record, the name of our soon to be foreclosed upon owner is Maurice Cousin.

When my neighbor was out and about yesterday, she ran into Mr. Cousin's former realtor. He had the place on the market for several months in the hopes of trying to unload the property before it the final boom was lowered. In the course of the conversation the relator stated that Mr. Cousin had indeed rented out his unit to "a friend" on the downlow.

The foreclosure was supposedly delayed until November 28th. You can't keep staving off the inevitable with flimsy excuses and bullshit emergency motions.

I guess the downlow isn't so downlow anymore.

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