Monday, November 07, 2005

Joker's Wild

Nothing can ever be easy with our condo association.

Our third foreclosure that was scheduled to happen last Wednesday has been delayed until the end of the month. The current owner filed a last minute motion in court on the day of the foreclosure sale.

Please also note that this joker owes us back regular assessments and the special assessment. Yet he somehow either has the resources or convinced a lawyer to do work on his behalf.

Apparently the motion stated that the owner was “trying to work something out with the mortgage company.” He won’t let it go---he can’t just let it be done.

Forget the fact that he’s completely screwed all of us by not shouldering his fair share of the financial load. Forget the fact that the unit was on the market (and still may be) and hasn’t sold. Forget the fact that it’s another unit that sits empty. The most important thing about the foreclosure is the new owner, whether it’s a mortgage companies or an individual, give us an opportunity to collect assessments. Every month the unit is tied up in legal foreclosure limbo, is another month we can’t collect assessments.


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