Thursday, November 24, 2005


Mr. Butler, our non-resident owner from the gall post, sent me the following letter:

November 16, 2005


Attached is a coy of my failed CHAC inspection report. I have highlighted the failed items the Blackstone Condo Association is responsible for repairing due to the fact they are in the common areas of the building. I am hoping these items will be repaired by my next inspection date of December 5, 2005 so my rent payment will not be abated by CHAC. You can disregard the outdoor items needing painting because CHAC will grant me an extension until next spring due to the weather. The rest of the repairs on the list are minor and I’m hoping they can be fixed in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Akwetee Butler

Things you should know:

The inspection was performed on 10/15/05
I was informed about Mr. Butler’s failed inspection on Wednesday, November 16th
His letter was also dated 11/16/05.
It was mailed 11/21/05.
I received the letter on 11/22/05.

If you’ve been reading this blog you are well aware that the condo association is running on some very tight margins. Keeping the bills paid as well as trying to stay ahead of the rising costs of natural gas and electricity is a job in itself. Every penny is pinched and budgeted to the nth degree. We try to keep costs to a minimum and surprise repairs such as the one that Mr. Butler is springing on us will be dealt with, but unfortunately for him, not before December 5th.

He had this inspection for a whole month before he tried to make a concerted effort to reach someone with our association. He could have stopped by and left a note if he didn’t know our phone numbers---there is no way that we should be receiving notice of this last minute.

You just can’t waltz up to us, say something non-critical or non-life threatening needs to be fixed and give us little time to fully ascertain the full scope of the issue.

Not only did we need proof for our records that theses CHAC violations existed, we need to actually see where these violations are. The inspection report lists chipped paint in the hallway but where in the hallway? Once we finish that phase, then we need to hire someone to come in and make the repairs.

This can’t be done with a magic genie blink.

It especially can’t be done when the money we need to do so rests in the pocket of the person who wants the work completed. If I’m correct Mr. Butler is 3-4 months behind in his regular assessments and 5 months behind in his special assessment.

How are we supposed to purchase the materials and pay the work people---with our good looks?

As usual, I’ll inform my other board members, get a consensus and then respond to Mr. Butler.

I hope he’s not counting on that CHAC check for Christmas presents. He might want to come up with a plan B.

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