Friday, February 10, 2006


While you may not know it by this blog, I tend to procrastinate.

A great deal quite frankly.

One of my pet projects that was pushed to the back of the closet was the virtual bulletin board/chat room I've been working on for the association.

Weighing the fact that we had bigger fish to fry last year, it seemed like a small sacrifice.

Nonetheless, as an association we need a better way to communicate with each other and to turn our piles of paper into a manageable paperless system.

I feel like Dr. Frankenstein waiting to breathe life into his creation. I really hope it not only works but manages to make everyone's life easier.

In the 21st century it's all about accessibility.

Not only would it serve as a repository for important documents such as monthly meeting minutes, financials and the like but it could also serve as a virtual meeting room. Imagine having a monthly meeting with all of your neighbors in the comfort of your jammies.

Hopefully the online chat feature will be our new best friend.

Plus every time someone wanted to see minutes from the last three meetings or the financials from last June, we can simply point them to the group and let them get nuts.

Then of course, a computer and internet access would also be helpful. Most people seem to have some type of internet access either at home or at work so that shouldn't be a problem.

Now while it's all about accessibility---it's about selective accessibility. After all we don't want everyone to see our business. I believe I've got everything on lock but want to test this out five ways to Sunday before an announcement is made that the association is on the information superhighway.

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