Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I received a phone call from a representative of the school across the street while I was away on my trip.

I'm sure you good folks remember my recent musing on how tall fences don't necessarily make good neighbors.

When I returned his call earlier today he told me that the funding and the plans for replacing the sidewalks had all but been finalized.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

It looks like the hoody hoo will be getting (I think) two new city blocks of sidewalks and landscaping.

Maybe if we’re really good and don’t cheat during lent, they’ll lay actual sod.

So far---so good.

The school is stepping up to the plate after over a year’s worth of raising questions.

I would even go as far to applaud them but this is what they were supposed to be doing all along---taking care of the parkway. In light of that I’ll just give them a polite golf clap.

Naturally, the real test will be getting the Jenkins Boys and their cousins to stop throwing crap on the parkway. The amount of trash on the north side of the street is unbelievable.

It looks like Ol’ Woody will be schlepping down the street with a bag in her hand cleaning up random trash after the work has been done. I figure if a few people supplement the weekly maintenance provided by the school across the street, the trash problem shouldn’t get anything like it is now.

Here’s to hoping.

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