Monday, February 20, 2006


I knew that London was going to be far more interesting than I first thought when I saw Jodeci’s name on a theatre marquee.

Americans go to London to reinvent themselves and return to the states even stronger. Jody Watley and Tina Turner both had major career resurgences that started in Britain so I thought I’d jump on the trend.

I’ve been struggling with my role as owner and board member in our association lately.

Caustic being a pain in the ass as well as a new emerging system of communication between board members has given me pause about my contributions to the association.

For example, at our board only meeting we all agreed that the association would get a post office box for all of our mailings. Since everyone is short on time and I had a day off prior to my trip, I went ahead and rented a mailbox on the association's behalf.

When I sent an e-mail to the rest of the board informing them of my actions, I was told that two of our members had discussed the abandonment of the mailbox idea.

It would have been nice if the issue had been discussed with the rest of the board.

It especially would have been nice so I wouldn’t have spent the money for six months rental on a post office box.

I mean this is such a little thing---you pick your battles right? But the foreshadowing is enormous. I already know what’s coming down the road.

So it was with a weary but optimistic spirit I boarded a plane to see Abby and Peter in London.

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