Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Believe It’s Time For Me To Fly

So off I went to Merry Old England for a few days of well deserved fun and frolic.

Aside from seeing Jodeci on the theatre marquee, one of the first things I noticed when the tube came to the surface was the scruffy neighborhood we were passing through.

I whispered to Abby to ask her if we were in the middle of the projects.

She replied, “There not called projects here but council houses.”

I couldn’t help but thinking that the ‘hood is the ‘hood no matter what the country or the language.

Everything was practically the same, the Jenkins Boys was hanging out on the corner---you know; Rayshawn, Pookie and them---the Jenkins’. Even if you don’t have someone name Jenkins in your neighborhood you still have a Jenkinsesq crew somewhere in the immediate area.

Don’t pretend like you don’t.

Hell, I’ve seen Jenkins’ in Lake Forest. They just happen to be holding lacrosse sticks and wear L.L. Bean.

I know those Jenkins boys when I see them.

Nonetheless, the Jenkins’ were hanging out like wet clothes, graffiti and trash were quite abundant.

The train scooted through a few more neighborhoods with similar characteristics. The only differences were the complexion of the people.

Imagine if you will putting a neighborhood of Boston Southies next to some peeps from the Ida B’s?

Quite frankly I would imagine all hell would break out but there everything seemed normal. Honestly, I wasn't there long enough to find out and quite frankly wouldn’t have wondered through with my bright pink and green luggage to find out the answer.

Now that would have been interesting.

Eventually, the tube took Abby and I to our connecting station (my Jodeci spotting not withstanding) where we caught the bus and eventually arrived at our destination.

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