Friday, June 09, 2006

Back Door Gardening

My never ending quest to kick Chicagoland gardening ass has started anew.

I put my container garden down on my front balcony and back porch about three weeks ago. While some may consider the weather coolish, I personally think its great for growing plants.

I planted a combinations of red geraniums, purple petunias, licorice plants, ivy and alum root in suspended bamboo flower boxes on the back porch. It looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

The oft referenced new back porches overlook two vast vacant lots immediately south.

Sometimes the lots are strewn with debris and dog droppings. Other times they serve as a parking lot for the big rigs and a place for the homeless to setup camp.

Whenever I feel someone watching me and I check all of the usual places (across the way in the other buildings, etc.) nine times out of ten if I look really closely I’ll spy a new temporary neighbor who has setup camp in the nest of ghetto trees in the vacant lot.

Ghetto trees are basically a type of weed that if left untended literally grows into a tree. They’re everywhere in urban areas. I think they look like ass.

The leaves provide protection from the sun and unless you really look you can’t tell that there would be anyone in there.

Perhaps I should ask him (or her) how the flowers look from their vantage point.

This year I was lucky enough to spy the most full, red and vibrant geraniums at my flower guy’s stand at the Federal Plaza farmer’s market.

Now I’m no expert but they stood out head and shoulders above any ones I’ve ever purchased at Home Depot. In fact, the ones at Home Depot would never truly take off and grow like the ones at the Grand Hotel do.

I’ve learned the secret---it’s all in the grower.

I’m so supremely happy with how the back porch looks that I’m making plans to replicate it on the landing next year.

Who in God’s name wants to look at urban renewal 24/7?

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