Thursday, June 22, 2006

Won't You Be My Neighbor, Part Deux

I’ve made no secret of the drama we’ve gone through in our little patch of heaven.

It was a little touch and go at times, scary at others but I believe that we’ve been through the tough times. We're emerging from the fray a little bruised but none the worse for wear.

Assessment collection is up, delinquencies are virtually non existent and slowly but surely the foreclosures are being sold off one by one.

If the rumor is to be believed, a firefighter (**yowsa!**) has allegedly sewed up the third foreclosed upon unit.

But I’m coming to you good folks for a slightly different reason.

I put the pitch out last year for people to become my neighbors but I’m not quite sure if the invitation was investigated and/or accepted.

That’s why I’m giving you kind souls yet another chance to rest your head in Woodlawn.

As luck would have it, my neighbor is selling her place

Like mine, it’s a two bedroom, one bath with a living room, formal dining room and all of the modern conveniences like in unit washer & dryer, dishwasher, HVAC and security system.

Let’s face it friends, it’s a steal at $179K.

If you like vintage buildings (like I do) and want to realize the American dream, we’d love to have you come down and hang with us.

If you’re a faithful reader of this blog, you already know the questions to ask.

Moreover, I’m not going to insult your intelligence and white wash our past problems. The key to that phrase is these were our past problems---we’ve all come such a long was from January of 2005.

The roof has been patched, the façade has been repaired and we’ve got us some brand new back porches.

Plus that little special assessment thing would have to be paid off by the seller prior to closing.

A special psst to you first time home buyers within the city limits, Chicago Public School Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers & University of Chicago employees, I believe that all of you can qualify for mortgage or closing assistance through a variety of programs.

I love how people are practically giving you money to buy a home.

I know part of what you’re thinking, “Gee the price is great and I love the place---if I could only plop it down in Lakeview of Lincoln Park.”

Well I hate to rain on your parade, Blanche but you can’t.

Quite frankly none of us can.

The irony is that Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Old Town and many parts of Lincoln Park were unqualified shit holes until people saw those diamonds in the rough and took responsibility for the neighborhood.

That also meant telling the Jenkins Boys to move along.

You don’t think the neighborhoods that you see in their current form just happened that way do you?

Come be my neighbor. Come be a part of the solution. Buy me neighbor’s unit and let’s greet each other on our front porches.

In five years you’re going to enthusiastically thank me.

I might even throw in a Moo & Oink T-Shirt as a welcome to the neighborhood gift.

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