Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Drag Queens & Politicians & Homosexuals---Oh My!

What is the world coming to when you see the Republican nominee for governor sitting on a float in the gay pride parade?

My first reaction was to shield the eyes of the child closest to me.

Forget the transsexual “women” who are far prettier than me.

Half naked, over baked muscle boys in barely there shorts don’t even raise my eyebrows anymore.

A Republican nominee for governor---that’s something to talk about.

But I digress…

My weekend was spent not hating my developer but rather in search of fun and frolic. I took a short hop up to Minneapolis to watch the Cubs get their ass handed to them.

Then early on Sunday I flew back to Chicago, dropped my stuff off at a friend’s house and settled in for the parade.

If I didn’t know exactly how much I’d been drinking I would have swore that I was hallucinating.

I saw our sitting governor pressing the flesh. Believe everything you hear---his hair doesn’t move---for any reason.

Then a few floats later I saw Judy Barr Topinka, the Republican nominee for governor and almost passed out from the sight.

Just a little background for you folks---in order for politicians to appease a broad range of potential voters, they tend to send people to march for them in a parade instead of showing up themselves.

I’ve never seen Mayor Daley march in a gay pride parade yet he has been well represented in years past.

But when actual politicians start showing up you know something is afoot.

I guess I should of recognized it when the straight girl with boyfriend parade spectator ratio exploded in years past.

And the brouhaha with the display window on Halsted street should have been a red flag.

What clinched it was the entrance of a dueling pianos float from Sluggers.

This is obviously a play for the cabaret set. Perhaps Sluggers’ management is hoping that since it’s a sports bar as well that it may bring in some of the gay jocks.

Apparently the emergence of the gay sports bar Crew has people at Sluggers realizing the potential revenue from gay athletes.

I stopped going to Sluggers after Cubs’ games in my early thirties as their Sam Adams from the tap tastes like ass.

Trust me I drink enough of it so I should know.

The voting population at large may be split on gay marriage but at least one thing is clear in corporate and political America---the gay vote and gay dollar are very much in vogue.

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