Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Justice Denied

Mr. Robert B. Katz, Esq has completely screwed us.

I’m sure he’s a nice man and I’m sure he’s great at his job(s) but to blow our judgment against a deadbeat like Maurice Cousin out of the water is almost too much to bear.

You see Mr. Katz in a bankruptcy trustee in the northern district of Illinois.

He was the person solely responsible for deciding a “no asset” finding in Mr. Cousin’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

What that unfortunately means for us is that Mr. Cousin will be allowed to dismiss the judgment we have against him for back assessments and the special assessment.

All of that work, plus all of those legal fees are down the drain and there is not one fucking thing we can do about it.

Then of course no one ever promised us a rose garden.

It doesn’t matter that we need the almost $7,000 judgment.

It doesn’t matter that Mr. Cousin effectively rented his unit to individuals of questionable character while in the midst of his foreclosure.

Don’t even get me going down that path on a rant…

It doesn’t matter that Mr. Cousin has a job and we were thisclose to throwing a garnishment on his wages.

None of this apparently didn’t (or can’t) factor into the Mr. Katz’s decision.

I’m sure our attorney advocated our cause to the best of his ability during the creditor’s meeting.

We may be getting the business end of a donkey kick but Mr. Cousin’s financial woes aren’t over yet.

Another lawsuit was filed against him on March 30th by a law firm.

Apparently they seemed to be a little miffed that Mr. Cousin hasn’t paid them the $31,308.25 that he owes.

Also to the best of my knowledge, he has not amended his bankruptcy filing to include that debt.

I hope the nice law firm people serve his balls to him on a plate. Go get ‘em tigers.

That wild cheering you hear from afar will be me urging you on.

By the way, if I ever find out and can prove that Mr. Cousin was lying to the bankruptcy court in that meeting, the association will have a fraud complaint slapped on him so fast it will make his head spin.

Oh yeah, Maurice---if you’re reading this little post---I have a special message for you.

Paraphrasing from the indomitable Ms. Celie of the novel, The Color Purple:

“Till you do right by us, everything you think about gonna fail.”

Take that karma to the bank you triflin’ bastard.

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