Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Catwalk

Last night amid TGIF frivolity I receive a phone call from my neighbor.

Neighbor: “I have your cat.”

WW: “Excuse me?”

Neighbor: “I have your cat. I found him on my front porch.”

This is a conversation I have with my neighbors at least once every summer so I didn’t think it was so unusual.

Neighbor: “I’ll return him to you in a temporary carrier that I have but I have no idea
how he got over here.”

WW: “Oh he just got up and walked over.”

I could imagine the look of puzzlement on her face.

I live on the third floor of a one hundred plus year old building. If you saw the pictures of the flowers you know that I have a front porch. On occasion if I leave Jack unattended and he get bored, he just takes a little walk across to the neighboring balconies just to see what’s going on.

Oh yeah---the walk is about fifty feet off the ground on a narrow ledge. He’s a cat, apparently he can handle the stroll.

My question is how in God’s name did he get out on the porch?

I could have sworn that I did a visual check of his whereabouts before I left yesterday morning.

Then of course he probably followed me out as I checked the weather from the porch and I didn’t know he was out there.

That’s the only way I can imagine that this whole thing happened.

But I am referring to the animal that somehow got into my refrigerator and pulled food out to see what he could eat.

I wound up with a steak on my dinning room carpet. But that is another blog entry for another time.

For a cat that is very sick with cancer he still finds ways to amaze me.

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