Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On The Right Road

Per our monthly association meeting last week, it seems that the green grass is now on our side of the fence.

For the first time in our history all eighteen units will be paying assessments.

We’ve paid off over $14,000 of our loan for the back porches.

We’ve fixed the fa├žade, patched the holes in the roof and finally got the lights up.

It appears that the much needed assessment hike will pad us (*fingers crossed*) from any future special assessments. Moreover, the money will be there for us to embark upon capital improvements and maintenance.

In short, the outlook is sunny.

For the first time in a long time people weren’t on edge or snapping at each other at a meeting. It’s nice to enjoy your neighbor’s company from time to time

More importantly, the meeting was under two hours. An hour and a half if memory serves me correctly.

We even started planning our association cookout. We’re even going to try and invite other condo owners in the immediate area.

Things are going well.

It makes me think that a big cosmic kick in the ass may be coming somewhere down the line.

Sorry guys, I’m trying to control the pessimist in me but it’s so hard.
I’ll try to enjoy our vastly improved fortunes.

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