Thursday, January 10, 2008

False Alarm

It seems that I jumped the gun.

No one in my building is putting their unit on the market.

My newest neighbor bought a lock box so her friends could access her keys while she was away on vacation.

Paranoid much? No wonder I couldn't find a lising on the real estate websites.

It has taken us so long to get everything on track, anything (read: a potential bootleg investor) that would derail our progress is going to cause concern.

Plus you wouldn't want someone to move into your association in October and put the place up by January of the next year. Baring a job transfer or a sudden engagement, you'd have to be some shitty ass neighbors for that to happen.

I can only imagine what our newest neighbor was thinking when the topic of the lockbox came up at the association meeting last night.

Maybe she should start writing a blog about living with a group of nutty Black people in a condo association on the south side of Chicago.

I'm sure it would be a hit.

1 comment:

Omo said...

is that common practice though to use a lockbox while out on vacation?...seems like a great idea come I never thought of that...(need to get back the copies of my house keys that I made for my friends, lol)