Thursday, January 17, 2008


There is always a show on the 6 Jackson Park bus.

The bus line is one of the few that runs from the Loop through the south east side of the city. You have a divergent mix of people along for the ride at all times of the day.

Since the bus doesn’t have 24 hour owl service, during the later hours on the weekends the 6 has more of it’s share of University of Chicago students.

Almost every time a group of tomorrow’s leaders get on a quiet bus, tranquility goes out the window.

Now it’s not just the U of C students, hell most young people get on the bus and disturb the peace.

It happens all of the time.

My thing is that I hold the U of C kids to a higher standard as they---well---go to the University of Chicago. Hell aren’t they supposed to be smart and intuitive?

Don’t they get that no one wants to hear loud conversations in an enclosed space that they can’t easily leave?

Then of course I’m almost about to turn 40 and am turning into a curmudgeon.

So it’s was with endless amusement that I noticed a group of bright young things happily chatting while being eyed up by an awkward young man.

Frankly if the girls weren’t sitting right next to me, I wouldn’t of believed that they went to U of C.

It’s hard not engage in stereotypes but let’s suffice it to say that the University of Chicago has not made any lists of hottest co-eds.

But then of course I’m no Beyonce.

The young man attempted to read a book but was so enchanted by the girls that he almost lost his grip on one of the rails where he was standing.

Another time he almost fell on me.

Apparently this young man doesn’t spend a great deal of time on the 6 as he couldn’t bus surf.

Those of us who frequent public transportation know that if you’re standing, you have to distribute your weight evenly when the bus sways so you don’t fall all over the place.

Apparently this kid couldn’t stand and stare at the same time.

Men looking at women is nothing new.

Men rudely staring and practically drooling is something quite different.

The only he didn’t do was start to touch himself. Creepy.

The fact that everyone sitting in the front part of the bus noticed the young man’s interest made for instant rolling theatre.

I’m sure the co-eds knew what was going on as well.

As a woman you have a heightened sixth sense when it comes to your personal safety. Especially when you’re traveling on public transportation.

Despite the fact they didn’t even acknowledge him, I’m fairly confident they felt his presence.

As the bus passed the Museum of Science and Industry both the co-ed’s and the young man prepared to get off the bus at the first stop on Stony Island.

As the ladies, and their chatter, left out the back door; the young man almost ran into the door leaving out the front.

Everyone else left on the bus gave each other knowing looks.

As a few of us chuckled over what had just happened, I hoped that none of those young women had a class with that guy.

Admiration is one thing, borderline stalking is quite another.

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