Friday, January 18, 2008

The Jackers

A friend was shot at the corner of 67th and Stony Island.

From what I was told, a car with several men stopped near the bus shelter around 7:45PM last Thursday and asked my friend to come over to the car. When he refused and tried to get away, someone from the car pulled a gun out and shot him.

Luckily the bullet only hit his arm and went right through.

Now I'm not sure if this was reported to the police but common sense says that if he received medical care for a gunshot wound then the police were notified.

67th & Stony is only a mere three blocks away from my place.

I haven't heard a peep about this foolishness in any of the mainstream media outlets. I know shootings are pretty common place in Chicago but can a sister get a "heads up?"

Unlike my neighbors to the north in Hyde Park, I don't have a variety of transportation options. If the 6, 28 or 15 is running late I just can't hop on a shuttle.

Even though there are many nights I wish I could.

I look enviously at those warm frequent shuttles that roam throughout Hyde Park. I often wish there was some way I could hitch a ride but the shuttles aren't open to the public. Then of course the University foots the bill for the vehicles, drivers, upkeep and the gas so their students, faculty & staff can stay safe.

Of course since the shooting, you see more University police patroling a wider area.

Which kinda has me thinking.

If Hyde Park is locked down from the jackers and you can't sneeze without having four squad cars show up, who are the criminal types going to prey on?

I'll tell you who----the rest of us who don't have two police departments (regularly)patroling their neighborhood, that's who.

While some parts of Woodlawn get some overlap from the U of C police it seems more like the holding of the Maginot Line rather than effective policing.

I could be wrong.

Usually after the Christmas holidays the jackers take a break.

It's colder, less people are walking around laden down with packages and Christmas cash.

Plus those jacker knuckleheads are gearing up for Christmas number two or as the rest of the world likes to call it the tax refund season.

Watch your ass when you're at a Currency Exchange.

If you go to one of those places to file your return, I'd strongly suggest Turbo Taxing your return online or if you meet the income guidelines having your return done at the IRS downtown.

Whatever the case may be I have an uneasy feeling about this latest crime.

No matter where you live---city or suburbs---you live with the constant threat of violence.

Despite what some people may think no place is exempt. The instances may be few and far inbetween but no place is 100% safe.

I love going to visit friends on the 'burbs but I lock their doors with the same compulsion that I lock mine when I'm hear in Woodlawn.

But I can't be frightened to take the trash out, run errands or wait on public transportation.

Apparently keeping an eye out and being aware of your surroundings isn't enough anymore.

I guess security is a luxury for those who can afford to pay.


Blagica said...

That's absolutely horrible and you are dead on. Mainstream media won't pick it up for reasons I'm sure you're aware of.

Kudos to you for making everyone know what's going on. We need more of it!

Nat said...

Damn, I have waited at that bus stop countless times. Thanks for the heads up.

As for HP being locked down from the jackers, think again. I witnessed a car jacking right outside the Walgreens on 55th and Lake Park. The guys saw me, and an elderly black woman came up to me, and made like she knew me, grabbed my arm and we crossed the street. She told me to run and call the cops, which I did. She said she was pretty sure they wouldn't attack an old lady, a young white chick on the other hand...

But, like you said, no where is all safe, you have to be vigilant. Thanks for spreading the word. And thanks to the quick thinking woman who crossed the street with me that day. I'll never forget you.

chicago pop said...

OK, this is what the blogosphere is for, passing on info like this that the media drops. Now for my personal reaction: holy @#$%. I get down through Woodlawn once in a while and this is a good reminder to keep my eyes open. And of course it's not included in the Herald's crime stats.