Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Apparently someone has heard our cries in the food desert.

Woodlawn is getting it’s very own Farmer’s Market starting Saturday, May 17th at Experimental Station home of Blackstone Bicycle Works.

So I’ll be able to walk to purchase reasonably priced fresh produce AND shop for a reasonably price eco friendly, weight controlling form of transportation.

Note the emphasis on walk, reasonably priced and fresh.

AND they’ll take the LINK Card. Not that I have one or anything. Apparently I made too much money when I was on unemployment.

It’s too good to be true.

But Woodlawn isn’t by itself----Bronzeville and Englewood are getting their own farmer’s markets as well.

Because we’re on the south side it wouldn’t surprise me if the markets were sponsored by McDonalds.

I predict that many poorly stocked, high priced corner grocery stores and mini marts will be feeling the pain of reduced business.

I’m very interested in seeing the selection of produce we get in the ‘hood. Since I’m a big fan of the market at Federal Plaza I have a pretty good idea what’s what.

I am beyond thrilled with this---see how the squeaky wheel gets the grease when enough people question the status quo.

South Side stand up.

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