Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sonic Youth

I'm a little torn on my approaching 40th birthday.

I feel smarter, sexier---bounding with self confidence. And while that hasn't changed, the fact that I'm serving young people that were born slightly before I graduated high school is a bit disconcerting.

It's a little difficult to crack a Blues Brothers joke when the people you're speaking with weren't even born when the movie was released.

Life experience and finally knowing how to put on natural makeup in five minutes vs. the potential and optimism of youth.

Heavy Sigh.

Make no mistake---it's my issue. And I've learned to build a bridge and get over the fact that people born in 1985 can legally drink AND have disposable income.

But the kids I serve at my waitressing job for the most part are okey doke.

And yes, you're a kid if you don't remember the Rolling Stones in their 40's.

But a recent encounter with a 1st year (Freshman) University of Chicago student gave me a giggle.

Her T-Shirt read "If I wanted an A I would of gone to Harvard."


While I can't get into the exact details of my conversation with her and her companions, let's suffice it to say that I let them know that getting older and being a smart woman is not a death sentence.

I hoped that they would grown into womanhood with a little less drama than I did.

Because being 18 and 20 means you have a lot of living to do.

As a matter of fact so does 39.

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