Monday, June 16, 2008


I just added new links to the South Side/Woodlawn section of the blog.

Three of the new links; Darius Williams, The Sixth Ward and Really Boring have been kind enough in the past to mention yours truly in their blogs. But don't think that praise, recognition and vanity swayed my decision making process.

Once these site got on my radar I actually sat and read them. These cats have a great deal to say and I'm proud that fellow south siders continue to represent in the blogosphere.

Plus I just dig Hyde Park Urbanist.

For those of you who read my humble offerings on the regular, may be the surprised that the fourth link is to Mt. Carmel High School.

For quite awhile they were simply known as "The School Across The Street."

But then the straw broke the camel's back and I cleared up any misconceptions about who really resided across the street.

I've had issues with Mt. Carmel's true commitment to our neighborhood in the past and very well may have some issues in the future.

For now it seems that they're doing right by the 'hood by stepping up and installing a new sidewalk from Blackstone to Dorchester and seeding the parkway.

So in the interest of moving on, Mt. Carmel has finally made the cut.

Being in Woodlawn for over 100 years, surviving the lean times and continuing to thrive has to count for something.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

But flattery WILL get you everywhere online! Thanks for the link.

I'm still waiting on the backstory for the chicken wing squirrel, by the way.

insupermodel said...

While you're doing shout outs; you must check out it just screams you!