Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dorchester Is Killin' It

Seriously, what's with the emergence of the hardcore gardeners on Dorchester between 63rd and 65th?

I know it's only two blocks but the explosion of color, the variance of plants, the mix of perennials and annuals create such as beautiful tapestry it's litteraly jaw dropping.

The now mature parkway garden in the 6400 block of Dorchester looks amazing with the addition of new perennials. Hopefully I'll be able to download my Blackberry pictures so you can enjoy the full beauty of this garden.

A few doors to the north, the newly built condos have some stunning lawn borders.

A lilly may just be a lilly but when you live in a neighborhood that has many vacant, trash strewn lots; that lilly represents progress.

Hope, even.

But the ones who are absoulutely killin' it on the gardening tip is the Apostolic Church of God.

Yeah, the one that the Obamas are probably attending as I write this post.

Note: Do not go near the corner of 63rd and Dorchester. The traffic will be nightmarish.

I schlepped past Apostolic yesterday and was stopped in my tracks by the vibrancy of their parking meridians.

Personally, I love the use of common household annuals----petunias, impatients. begonias, geramniums----in uncommon (and large bold) pairings.

Once again, if I ever figure out how to download these friggin pictures from my Blackberry I'll show you the visual feast.

Small steps make a big impact for a stronger neighborhood.

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