Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Not Just Me

A few weeks ago one of my neighbors texted me near the end of my waitressing shift.

Since it was late, I was rather taken aback that I received a message that didn’t involve a dire emergency.

I pulled up the message, it read:
“Carlton was on Ch 7 hiding face coming out of court! Funny!”

I peed on myself a little ‘cause I got excited.

Hiding? Coming out of court? WTF is going on?

Despite my aching feet and crabby disposition, I rushed home in enough time to catch the rebroadcast of the Channel 7 news.

And just as I locked the door and turned on the TV what story should appear but the big splashy corruption investigation probe named Operation Crooked Code.

This time I about popped a boner.

As I watched the news report, a few of the indicted individuals were named but a complete list wasn’t made available.

That was a head scratcher.

I didn’t want to shout the joyous news from the rooftops until I saw my developer’s name in a federal indictment.

In short I needed to make sure that the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted.
The more I looked, I just couldn’t find any evidence that Carlton had been rounded up in the sting.

No peeing. No boner.

I’m glad I listened to my inner voice.

It turned out that the person who was covering his face coming out of the Dirksen Federal building was not Mr. Knight.

When I broke the news to my neighbor she was deeply disappointed.

And when I say deeply disappointed I mean buzz kill disappointed.

As much as I’ve chronicled Mr. Knight’s dealings with our association, I’m simply the smoke---the rest of my neighbors are the fire.

There's more than one owner who would like to see him get his comeuppance.

I’m just the one who happens to write about it.

While he wasn’t indicted, the city did file two new civil lawsuits against him. I also have to find out what’s going on with the Dixie Highway foolishness in Harvey.

Unfortunately my 12 part time jobs mean I don’t have the same amount of time to go sleuthing like I used to but I’ll eek out some time next week to go to the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office.

Because as you should know by now, the saga is never ending.


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