Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wait A Minute

As I was schlepping down the street this morning, I noticed that the crappy sidewalk running from Blackstone to Dorchester had been broken up as a part of Mt. Carmel's turf installation.

What the hell?

It would stand to reason that if the crappy, uneven sidewalk is no more that it will soon be replaced with a brand spanking new smooth and even sidewalk.

Right? It does stand to reason----correct?

Is it possible that our little hood will have a passable sidewalk for walkers, runners, seniors, dog walkers, stroller pushers and our neighbors in wheelchairs on the north side of the street?

That is so money.

Now the older wheelchair bound man who shamelessly flirts with all of the women in neighborhood will be able to give a more spirited continuous chase for two blocks.


I'll keep an eye on the progress and post what happens.

Now if Mt. Carmel could only spring for some Turf Builder our shit might just be the hotness.

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