Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bird Brained

I’m now all about the Monk Parakeet.

While looking online for information, I happened to find a great resource right in my midst---my boss.

My Boy Scout leading, nature loving, math tutoring boss has an intimate knowledge of a wide range of subjects. When I brought up my discovery of the parakeets he told me that those are the same kind of birds that were sold at Woolworths and Kmart during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Upon recollection, they did resemble the same birds but I mentioned that the ones sold through retailers were much smaller.

He stated that the retail bird’s size was restricted due to their environment---i.e. their cage. The ones in the wild can grow to their maximum size.

I was flooded with Monk Parakeet knowledge and it felt good

I imagine a kid was at Kmart getting slushies and submarine sandwiches and that their puppy dog eyes finally worked on the parents. Netting him or her the cute little birds they wanted so badly.

A week later amid juvenile carelessness those gifts had flown the coop.

Let’s recap---A non native species that hasn’t caused any discernable harm to it’s new ecosystem, shares it’s nest with other native species (squirrels) and has managed to thrive in an environment much harsher than it’s own.

Did I happen to mention how brightly colored and attractive they are?

With my apologies to Destiny’s Child, now that’s what I call a survivor.

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