Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It looks like the Saphire (sic) Place Development LLC---doing business as Three CD Mngmnt---will be the latest recipient to bear the brunt of my developer not settling his judgments with the city.

A Department of Administrative Hearings violation dated 3/16/04 found my developer liable for 1 count of violating a smoke detector municipal code and 2 counts of not providing adequate heat in a dwelling unit(s) from September 15th to June 1st.

The fine levied was $1,025.00

My developer is listed as the registered agent for Saphire.

Per the paperwork, I it seems that the City of Chicago thinks that registered agent equals = employee.

Who knows, he very well may be.

Nonetheless, what the court documents show is that Saphire Place Development will soon be legally saddled with the debt of my developer.

Just like we are.

As of last week, I couldn't find any supporting evidence that this issue has been cleared up. As a matter of fact, there was a filing as recent as 9/22/05 for an affidavit for wage deduction order issued to Saphire Place.

If they don't respond in a certain amount of time, they are toast.

By the way, the initial $1,025.00 debt has now increased to $1,367.56 (as of 9/22/05)

It's all a matter of public record---take a look.

You'll only get an online snapshot. If you want to see all of the paperwork, go downtown to the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court's office in the Daley Building and pull it like I did.

A very compelling story, indeed.

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