Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Donnybrook, Part II

With the amount of pissing and moaning everyone did, you would of thought that my neighbor was asking for a pound of flesh instead of what the procedure was for filing an insurance claim.

Those in attendance should have known that this was going to happen as a result of the recent early spring rains.

Because of the deluge, a few of our owners had water damage in their homes.

Far as I was concerned, rightly or wrongly, the water damage had happened as a direct oversight of the board.

It didn’t matter that the sealing of the roofs and the re-attachment of the gutters was caught and scheduled to be rectified immediately. The water had already been streaming through people’s back windows.

You can’t un-ring the bell.

Of course Caustic alluded to the meeting where she wasn’t allowed to file a claim with the association insurance for water and moisture problems in the basement.

Other unit owners cited that that they didn’t file an insurance claim as they had water damage which came through the roof, dripping on top of their refrigerator.

I reminded Caustic that the potential new claim in question was a direct result of the board’s oversight and that it directly affected the habitability of this owner’s home.

We weren’t talking about a damp basement not being the reason why your unit couldn’t sell.

In the case of the damp basement and the leak over the refrigerator, those were developer issues that should have been taken up with and followed through with him. Unfortunately we inherited a great deal when he turned over the board and discouraged unit owner participation.

Perhaps any existing latent problem should now be called a Knight legacy in honor of our esteemed developer Carlton Knight.

Nonetheless, his legacies have left us at odds with one another when we really should continue to focus on how to best recover the money we spent on the porches.

As far as I’m concerned Mr. Knight owes us $81,000 and some change.

As the volume on voices continued rising and the game of ‘I had to deal with it, so should you” continued to be played, my ire was rising ten fold.

Now you don’t have to agree with me, hell you don’t even have to like me.

But you will not sit up in the home where I pay the mortgage and the utilities and have the stones to raise your voice to me.

That is simply asking for me to give you a fucking beat down.

You will respect me inside of my home on the property where I pay crazy property taxes. If not, get the fuck out.

I calmly reminded everyone to lower their voices in my home and to try and speak with a civil tongue.

That last for all about two minutes with yours truly firmly in the fray.

I was appalled by my neighbor’s lack of empathy or willingness about trying to find a solution. It was very “my way or the highway” that night.

I know that a claim has the potential to raise our rates but holy crap, why should the unit owner who asked this question be frozen out because of issues in the past?

I didn’t think it was fair. Moreover, voices again were raised.

I was so pissed that I said “GD.”

I rarely take the Lord’s name in vain so when I do, you know I’m hot.

Since people couldn’t keep a civil tongue, I told everyone to get to steppin’.

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