Wednesday, March 15, 2006

...He Did It Again

The fact that Saphire (sic) Place is about to get permanently stuck with my developer’s fines from the city must be a mere oversight.

Frankly since they are doing business at Three CD Mngmnt it very well may be his own company.

In my association's situation, the story is quite different.

When both my developer and I were in the Department of Consumer Service's hearing a few months ago, he blamed an errant employee for the fact that he never knew about the registered mail that was being sent to his address.

Or was it that he had a family emergency?

Oh yeah, it was both.

You see his business address was also our "official address" with the State of Illinois and Cook County as my developer was our registered agent. When mail was being sent to our association it went to our developer first.

Frankly, I don’t care what the situation was that prevented him from addressing his responsibilities; I’m just concerned that we as an association have to bear the brunt of his irresponsible business practices.

Did I happen to mention that the only way we found out about this issue is that I happened to enter our name into the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County's website and there we were.

Nice, huh?

The important issue is that a behavior pattern is emerging.

He’s either so busy, has the worst employees or never reads his mail as he doesn’t know when he has an administrative hearing with the city.

Moreover, the crux of the issue is that buildings that his property management company oversees aren’t being properly maintained. There are people living in dangerous and substandard conditions with little immediate recourse to change their situation.

And the cherry on this sundae of a story is that others have to clean up the mess that my thoughtful gem of a developer made.

He’s known about this issue with our association since last fall and has made feeble attempts at best to remedy the situation.

When he was in the administrative hearing, he stated that his relationship with the condo board had become adversarial.

If by adversarial he meant that we as an association didn’t take any of his utterances at face value and that we decided to stand up for ourselves, then yeah---for him I guess it did become adversarial.

Self empowerment is a motherfucker.

Nonetheless, I’m sure these two situations are completely isolated and a definite misunderstanding. My developer will pay his fines to the city or cut a check on behalf of the third party defendants to clear those debts just like that *snapping fingers*.

Perhaps he’s already cleared a majority of his debts with the city as he alluded to in the administrative hearing.

Then of course, I am talking about a man who stopped payment on escrow funds that rightfully belonged to the association and made a very nice woman go through some very complicated processes.

Is it possible that the city is going to give (or has given) someone like that a developer’s license?

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