Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

D-Day for one of our former owners is coming on Thursday

That’s the day he has the creditor’s meeting for his bankruptcy. He’s trying to beat us out of the money that he owes.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last year the realization of our financial state was dawning on us and we knew that we had to go after some of the money that was owed to the association. It was simply too much cash to let go without a fight.

Some of the foreclosures had already gone through but despite those facts, it still didn’t erase the back assessments owed by the former owners.

Our test case, so to speak, would be one of the two owners that had yet to be foreclosed upon at the time.

His name is Maurice Cousin.

We filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. Cousin and received a judgment for $6,417.50.

What makes this particular case among the deadbeats stand out is that Mr. Cousin not only gave us the middle finger financially but the fact that he just did us so foul bears repeating.

A person being in financial trouble is not a new story to anyone. Hell, I’ve been through a few scrapes myself; nonetheless the higher issue is that you eventually pull yourself out of the hole that you dug.

I had to do it---words cannot describe how much it sucked.

It’s still a challenge to stay one step ahead of the bills but like everything in life you make a choice.

Admitting mistakes and poor decisions and then rectifying those mistakes is a part of life.

If I had to do it, why shouldn’t our errant owners “man up” and do the same?

Not Mr. Cousin.

Not only did he attempt to sell his condo prior to the foreclosure sale being final (we had a lien against the property), but when he couldn’t sell it he rented it out to some “friends.”

Kind readers, you wouldn’t want “friends” like this going in and out of your home---trust me.

No one can say for sure exactly what was going on in the unit or who actually signed the “lease” but there did seem to be a great deal of comings and goings at night and when a majority of us were at work.

I know, I know---it raised our eyebrows as well.

When the foreclosure became final and the new mortgage company owners gained access the to the unit there was an unmade mattress and box spring in the living room.

A few condom wrappers were strewn about.

As I stated, no one can say for sure what exactly had been going on in the unit but my neighbor and I viewed the contents of the living room and just shook our heads.

For the record, the bedrooms---where the bed should have been---were empty except for a few personal objects in the closet.

The dining room had a few things scattered about but no table or chairs. The kitchen had old bags of trash sitting by the back door.

The place needed a good cleaning.

How fucking gully is that? Even if you don’t like your neighbors how can you attempt to not only beat them out of cash but to “rent” out your unit.

His filing bankruptcy was only icing on the cake.

I knew that the sum of his behaviors would eventually equal that bitch ass move.

The part I find personally interesting is that a law firm is also suing him for $31,308.25. It makes the mind whirl, no?

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