Monday, October 03, 2005

Hiding In Plain Sight

In our fluid society what is one of the most important commodities on the planet?

Capital? Water? Access to good champagne?

While all of those are near the top of the list, I must suggest that information and access to information is about the most important things in these tumultuous times. I mean what good is it to know about an accident on Michigan Avenue when you’re sitting right in the middle of the pile up?

My mother always said if you know that the pothole is in the middle of the road, are you gonna go through it and bust an axle or steer around?

Repeat after me: information, information, information.

Moreover, let me go on to add a few caveats; the information must be timely AND valid. Those are key factors.

Since I’m in my Foxy Brown meets Cleopatra Jones extra super sleuth mode and can’t go into details of the metaphorical beat downs that our association is gonna unleash on people; I can on the other hand give you a heads up on finding good information that may help you track someone down.

If someone owns a piece of property in the County of Cook, has filed bankruptcy in the Northern District of Illinois or has been a plaintiff or defendant in a court case you can unearth a treasurer trove of factual information about them for free.

You simply have to make a small time commitment and have an assload worth of quarters for copies.

If you look to your right, I’ve provided helpful links to several governmental agencies that can help you hone your Shaft like skills. That and a Huggy Bear like snitch are both a good start to help you stay in the know.

Trust me, Inch High Private Eye ain’t got nothin’ on me.


Gilman Chatsworth said...

Be careful... I thought I saw Inch High Private Eye working for Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-law.

Continue the crusade!

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Nice...a cartoon buff.