Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Cross

I feel bloated AND crabby.

Being active in one’s condo association, juggling multiple jobs, being domestic and managing a social life can be a bit much. As a result, my physical appearance can sometimes drop to the low point on my list of priorities. I figures as long as I bathe and don’t smell, the pretty part can happen anytime. It’s difficult trying to make sure that your home will still be standing when you’re waiting for your nail polish to dry.

This is the cross I bear.

I’m breaking out, my hair just has a mind of it’s own. I feel like I have that “I look like a troll feeling.” You know what I’m saying…

But things are looking up

You see when I’m sitting in my seat for game one of the World Series, it won’t matter what I look like, as people won’t be focused on my visage. They’ll be too busy looking at the game.


Mr Clean said...

I was going to ask who you had to sleep with to get tickets. Then I thought about it and realized the more appropriate question would be how many?

xoxo skinny red

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

No tickets for favors, my bald headed friend. But it was just knowing the right person to ask. It was really just that simple. I took my die hard White Sox lawyer friend. He was as giddy as a school boy.

How is the old hood, BTW? I used to live at Magnolia and Leland.

Mr Clean said...

Your homies miss you and your witty repartee but now we have your blog to read. Hosanna!

Loyal fan and devoted reader.

BTW, I just came from a CAPS breakfast and was enjoying my sticky buns from Ann Sathers when you-know-who arrived on her aldermanic broom. Cue the music....