Sunday, October 09, 2005

The E-Mail

Here is the unedited original post I sent to my fellow board members about the utility budget bills I wrote about earlier.

"With winter coming and hurricane damage to the oil infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico, utility experts are predicting a sharp rise in electric and natural gas prices. In some cases people are saying that natural gas prices will jump as high as 71%. Obviously both our electric and gas bills may significantly increase but there may be a way to combat this upcoming fiscal crisis.
I investigated the possibility of the association going on the budget plan for both ComEd and People's Energy so at least we'll know how much our bills will be and there will be no surprises. If we went on the budget plan our electric bill would be $149.00 and our gas bill would be $451.00.

It may not be in our best interests to go on the plan for gas until another month has passed or our bill starts approaching the $451.00 mark. Nonetheless, we may be able to see some savings by going on budget for electric sooner rather than later.


Let that roll around in your heads for a while. If you're a registered Blogspot member you can post your comments. If you're not a registered Blogspot member you can e-mail me from my profile page. Was I clear? Did I get my point across? Or did my Mother and the State of Illinois waste money sending me to college?

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