Friday, October 21, 2005

I've Gone And Done It--Part III---The Friday Bonus

This is the last part of my letter to the Illinois Attorney General's Office and the Chicago Department of Consumer Services:

The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois use all means within their legally vested powers to hold XXXX financially and legally accountable for the damages he has caused the XXXX Condominium Association which may include:

Remove the outstanding judgment against the XXXX Condominium Association and have the debt transferred back to Mr. Knight.

Send a summons to XXXX Bank and XXXX Bank to discover any possible assets (including trusts) of Mr. XXXX and freeze them pending the possible outcome of pending litigation.

Put liens against any real property Mr. XXXX holds in the City of Chicago and Cook County.

Ban Mr. XXXX or any corporations or property development business he may have an interest in from doing business in the City of Chicago.

The XXXX Condominium Association is reimbursed $81,000 to repay the loan for the construction of our new porches and any future loans or costs associated with Mr. XXXX’s mismanagement or negligence.

All developers in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois be bonded against latent defects in their developments up to $1,000,000.

I trust that the City’s knowledge about this nightmarish situation can bring about a much needed change.


The Woodlawn Wonder

Cc: Illinois Attorney General’s Office---Fraud Division
Senator Richard Durbin
Senator Barack Obama
Congressman Bobby Rush
State Representative Kwame Raoul
State Senator Barbara Flynn Currie
Alderman Leslie A. Hairston

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