Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My mother worked as the Program Director at a church run camp in rural south western Michigan for about five years.

As young children both my sister and I attended the camp which obviously heightened her interest in both their curriculum and activities. One look at the place and she found it lacking in both form and substance. Naturally being a doer instead of a complainer she pitched for and was later named Program Director.

Her title basically carried all of the responsibility of planning and executing the camp's religious instruction, sports, activities and social functions without getting the pay of the Executive Director. Might I add the Executive Director though a nice lady was a tad on the lazy side. My mother ever being the educator and deeply caring about children didn't so much care that she wasn't being fairly compensated but that kids had a safe environment to camp.

After turning around that little hole in the lake, how do you think they repaid her? After all those years of loyal service and progress what do you think the camp's board of director's did?

They gave her the bum's rush. Showed her the door. See ya' sister, nice knowin' you. Peace out!

Her contract wasn't renewed at our church's district convention. She was essentially told, "Thank you for taking the camp to a whole new level, protecting us from lawsuits and generally making the place a better experience for the campers and staff---now get the hell out."

Mama was not a political creature. Woe unto you if you were standing in the way of the welfare of the camp or a child. The ensuing carnage was enough to make Stephen King wince. This didn't happen often but when it did---yowsa!

This is not the way to win friends and influence people.

My mother cried when her father died, when our first house was sold out from underneath us and when those people betrayed her.

Other than those three instances, I can't really tell you when I saw her cry when I was a child.

I also tend to err on the side of right instead of being politically cautious. I apparently come by it naturally. It's nice to know that while I care deeply about many issues, that I won't be the ringmaster of the three ring circus known as politics.

For some reason, the American people tend to think that politicians shouldn't have a past and should (practically) be virgins.

I am neither.

Even though I wouldn't of voted for Senatorial Republican candidate Jack Ryan I think small minded people forced him out of the race simply because he wanted to have more than vanilla sex with his wife.

Let's tick off the list:
Curly Hair
Republican on the outside, John Holmes on the inside.

Where can I sign up for the Christian jubilee?

I mean if a rich, White man can't catch a break; what will the American public do when they find my stash of DVD’s?

But I digress---my point is that I'm not a political person.

All of this begs the question, will I manage to get re-elected to the board next month?

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