Monday, October 03, 2005

Taking It

Posting these somewhat humorous but true stories serves as a kind of therapy for me it also lets me map out a workable plan to have my developer take financial responsibility for the problems he has caused.

In short even though I have to pull the bitch card, I'm not gonna get done like one. Not by this guy.

I don't like to unearth the ball busting, hard(er) driving, take no prisoners aspect of my personality. It's hard to rein her in and add a touch of PMS and its like throwing kerosene on a fire.

In lieu of a brutal hellish flame up I do a slow burn on the way to short fuse land. Actually, eventually there is a brutal hellish flame up---it just happens to be my temper. When I start to get irritated, I find it's best to sequester myself in the crib until I can build a bridge and get over myself.

Last week a friend commented that some of my posts were not as amusing to him as some of the other previous posts. I replied, "Well sometimes my life isn't very funny."

The next entry is one of those that are less for your amusement than to provide an accurate timeline of our building's serious problems. Additionally, this blog also serves as a cautionary tale for those of you who are about to dip your toe in the Chicagoland real estate market. While this is happening on the south side of the city, it obviously can happen anywhere.

More importantly I'm not taking shit off my bootleg developer. I may fail but at least I'm gonna try.

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

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