Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rock Star---Part II

You would think that someone who won 3rd place in a city wide gardening contest would know how to properly put down fertilizer.

No such luck.

I found out that after you put down the Scott's Turf Building you need to water it after a 24 hour waiting period. It didn't say that on the bag---I swear. I followed the instructions to the letter but noticed that the grass was starting to burn so I called the respository of lawn knowledge---otherwise known as my sister---to ask what I did wrong.

She told me that if I caught it early enough all I needed to do was water the grass. If not, I was going to have a fun time reseeding the lawn.


Needless to say, I'm watering the lawn everyday for the next couple of days.

I also found out that I won 3rd place in the container garden category in Mayor Daley's Landscape Awards Program. Finally some recognition of my supreme gardening skills. Now if only I can crack the Chicago Tribune's Glorious Gardening Contest I would truly be a gardening rock star.

The Tribune's contest has gotten so competitive that I think you'd have to sacrifice your first born to even get a honorable mention.

The floral arts ain't for bitches.


Nopostonsundays said...


For some extra flair on gardening, I suggest adding Garden Gnomes. Not the ones you buy at Walmart that look like Umpa Lumpas. You need the Hard-core Biker Gnomes, because not only do the chicks love them, it makes your self esteem superior to your neighbors.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

While I'm somewhat drawn to gnomes, Posty, there are several reasons why I don't have them. First, they won't fit on my small balcony and second, I have a long standing rule about lawn ornaments. But if anything makes me break my long standing rule, rockin' biker gnomes might do the trick.

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