Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks

As I wrote last week, I went ahead and officially lodged a fraud complaint with both the Attorney General's office of the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago's Department of Consumer Affairs. Quite frankly, I have a feeling I'm about to get a metaphorical middle finger in my (our) search for justice and more importantly, restitution.

From what I've been hearing, there are no specific laws governing shoddy developers. Or should I say there are no specific laws governing shoddy developers that have any muscle in them. As all of us have known for quite a while we may be shit out of luck in the short run. I do plan on getting copies to both U.S. Senators, my U.S. Congressman, my State Senator, State Representative, and Alderman.

If the laws don't address such important issues, perhaps it's time to get them changed.

I'm not sitting on the back of the bus.

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