Monday, October 31, 2005

Big Money, No Whammies

This just in---some much needed cash has just rolled into our coffers.

When our developer's girl friend sold her unit, the special assessment that we leavied for the porches was not paid upon closing. As a result, the new owner was now saddled with the debt of over $4,600.00.

Being a first time home owner and completely new to the process she was not happy when we introduced ourselves in one breath and asked her where the special assessment money was with the other. Nobody like to make a money grubbing first impression on a new neighbor but business is business.

Being the helpful neighbors that we are, we proceeded to advise her on how she should go about to get the special assessment money that was in escrow. While it took a little time, our new neighbor was finally successful in her efforts.

All of this started in late July. The money just got released last Wednesday. Seeing that our loan payments start tomorrow (11/1) this news couldn't of come at a better time.

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