Friday, February 09, 2007

Civil War

I sent a "head's up" e-mail to the wife of one of our board members; she also happens to live across the hall from me. I figured that as a common courtesy that she should also know what's about to happen as 4 or the 6 unit owners are about to embark on this electric project.

The e-mail below are her feelings on the subject. This ought to be an interesting next two weeks.

Thanks for sending me the update.

What interruptions do you forsee? If the interruptions are just temporary shutting off power to do the work, that is understandable, at least from my perspective. This type of interruption would not cost the board anything and not require the association to hire anyone. But if electrical work in the common areas is needed as a result of the work in individual units, I don't think the board should pay for an electrician, since the work is being done in individual units & the board has consistantly said they would not pay for this.

If anything is interrupted or damaged in the common elements as a result of the work, I believe that the unit owners would be liable for that, but we should consult the lawyer about that. The board should not pay for something that it has clearly stated that it would not pay for and any expense related to it should come from the unit owners t! hat are doing the work. In sum, before anything seriously impacts the electricity of the common elements, it should have board approval.

Since the board has consistantly said that they would not pay for any electrical work and this is not an approved common element expense, the association should not be out of money to pay for any electrical work until that is voted on by the board. There are specific steps that need to be taken in terms of board approval for any expense.

As you all know, we are still not in financial situation to pay for expenses like this when we have immediate things that need to be paid for. Having another special assessment to pay for electrical work is simply out of the question, but would be the only option considering that we are still in debt! I personally cannot afford more expenses considering that we have structural damage on the front decks, as well as damage to our stairs, and the $10,000 debt that was not accounted for in the 1st special, just to name a few problems.

Just my thoughts.

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