Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Unmixing, The First Floor Speaks

This e-mail was sent on 1/22/07 from my first floor neighbor to the board, all owners in our tier and property manager for the 2nd floor unit after she and I had consulted two electricians about our concerns:


I am ready to start electrical work on my apartment that will separate
our electrical lines.

As you know, when my fuses blow, your entire kitchen
shuts down. I am sure that you and your tenants have experienced this in
the past. This email is to inform you, so that hopefully you will join
XXXX and I in getting our lines straightened out to the basement.

This is just the first round of hopefully resolving some long-standing electrical
issues in my apartment. So at least I know that I am only paying for my
electrical usage, not my neighbor's.

Just as a caveat, your tenants' home-based hair salon is yet another reason why our electrical has to be straightened out. This situation is just blatantly over and above normal
usage of our utilities and isn't even "legal" under our Decs and Bylaws. I will definitely contact your property manager and you to disclose when the work is going to happen.

Bill XXX, is the electrical contractor that we will be working with. He gave me a quote of $350 over the phone, and will be getting written estimate this week. I thought this was very reasonable and am hoping that you will hop aboard to get this taken care of. I can assure you that my electrical will be affect your unit, but I am unsure if XXXX's unit will have any effect. Did you have any issues in the past?

If there are any updates or changes in schedule, I will also forward any information along to you.

Thx for your time and consideration.


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