Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Unmixing, I Explain AGAIN...

This e-mail, sent on 1/25/07, is my response to the property manager's queries. It also went to the unit owners on my tier and the board:

Our current electrical system is an unfortunately legacy of Carlton Knight's shoddy development.

For those of us who have been here since the beginning, we know that Mr. Knight left us with significant and expensive infrastructure issues. Some of which are just now pushing to the head of the repair list. Unfortunately the electrical has been a known and documented concern within the association for at least three or four years. As XXXX may have shared with you the back porch project of 2006 was our first priority.

The point you make about a limited common element and the payment concern may have some merit, the fact remains that the money is coming out of unit owner's pockets one way or another. It will either come out of pocket voluntarily or via another special assessment.

Frankly speaking as both a board member and unit owner, I am not willing to put my neighbors through another potential special assessment when we are barely half way through paying off the first one.

Additionally let's be clear on what that $350.00 covers: That is simply to make sure that the correct electrical lines for the correct unit are going to the correct circuits. In short, that the person who's name is on the bill is paying for the electrical that he or she uses.

I have been paying for the XXXX basement's electrical for over five years. Or perhaps the association has been paying for my kitchen electrical---at this point no one knows. Nonetheless the situation should be straightened out and as a concerned neighbor I'm not willing to sacrifice the financial stability of the association as a whole for a matter that can be worked out among members of the same tier.

Moreover I'm also exploring the possibility of having my electrical upgraded to 10 circuits instead of the six that I have so my lights don't flicker when I plug in an iron or mixer. As I have both a small stackable washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, stand alone range and refrigerator it's important for me to make sure that not only do I have enough power to run the appliances that I currently have but to also be able to bring in additional ones in the future.

It is both XXXX's & my fondest wish that not only the association but XXXX will be on board with this first move to correct this glaring oversight. I feel fairly confident in speaking for us both by saying that this project is going to happen---and happen in the near future. If as a result, the lines are straightened out and the responsible party does not take the steps to have them reconnected to the correct circuit, the onus falls on them.

I do not agree with your statement that if the work affects other areas or units that it's my responsibility to make sure those area's electricity has been restored.

That's why XXXX and I are giving (and has given) everyone significant notice of what's going to happen so we can all do this together to minimize power interruptions. If she and I are the only ones interested in pursuing this matter at this time and units and common areas wind up in the dark, no one can say they weren't sufficiently warned.

This has been discussed and debated. we both would like to think we're good neighbors by sparing the association the large expense of having the financial onus fall of them. We've even followed the procedures set down in our Declarations and Bylaws notifying the association about major work inside of our units.

Now it's time for the work to begin.

Once our due diligence is finished and the written estimates are in we will let you know when the work will start. I would guess on mid to late February. The name and number of our potential electrician is in XXXX's first e-mail below.

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