Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Unmixing, Parting Words

I sent this final e-mail of the series on 1/26/07 to the tier owners and the Property Manager of the second floor unit:


XXXX and I are not upgrading the electrical in our units. We are simply ensuring that the proper lines are going to the proper circuits that in turn is being billed to the correct individual.

All in all it's very simple.

Carlton Knight put every last unit owner in this position and there is no easy way to figure out a solution. Despite the fact we have a strong legal case, we can't sue him as we have not been able to locate his money. So in the end, we as an association have to figure out how to deal with this issue. Both XXXX and I were hoping that as a tier we could all work together with this fix and finally have our electrical in good working order.

Apparently that is not the case.

As I stated previously, unit owners will pay one way or another---either out of pocket or with a special assessment. On it's face, it seems that it would be cheaper to simply pay the $350 out of pocket to ensure the safety, security and electrical accuracy of XXXX's property and her tenant.

You are correct, we will proceed with this project with or without you. Now it would be great if 1509, #2 were on board but if you choose not to be and the unit has power issues as a result, you can never say that the process wasn't inclusive or that you weren't given sufficient warning.

Regardless of your level of participation, we will still keep both you and the board updated with timelines and our progress.

If you feel the need to take a litigious posture please note that most owners in the association are in possession of a number of documents detailing the status of the electrical. Since the electrical remains in this questionable state, if XXXX ever chooses to enroll the unit in the CHAC program I would think that once a CHAC inspector got his or her hands on that report and see the electrical boxes in person, the unit may not pass an inspection.

Naturally no CHAC clients could be placed in the unit until the issue is addressed. That could mean the potential loss of rental income & subsidies.

XXXX and I are not trying to be inconsiderate or thoughtless. I can imagine you would not want to live in a place where you wonder if you can wash your clothes, dishes and run your microwave at the same time but also wonder what your electricity bill will be based on the usage of your neighbor.

The XXXX condo association cannot reimburse me for the electrical bills I've possibly paid for in the last five years nor will I ask them to.

My hope is that with a few people we can start to find our way out of this mess and make our building a better place to live.

It is unfortunate that the #2 unit may be affected by the path we're choosing but there really is no other way to straighten out this situation.


ChiKat said...

I'm banging my head against the wall just having to read this. Why can't condo living ever be easy? I dream of the day that a decision doesn't take five hundred letters and a dozen board decisions.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Amen, sister. Amen. Living by committee wears on my soul.